Instructor: Ms Karen

Dates:  11 weeks Starting August 20th @ 10am

First class (calendar) has been completed.


This course consists of Montessori and Waldorf inspired hand-building lessons for  grades 1-5 (age may be younger if child is advanced or has parental assistance)


These projects are simply to introduce your student to a more hands on approach to creating.  Not all projects are Waldorf or Montessori. Some are simply an craft I want to teach.


Parents, you know your child. If you think there may be parts where your child will probably need help, please be there for them. I hope to be able to clearly teach via zoom how to do these projects, but from time to time, we need help. So, thank you in advance for being an excellent back up assistant!


A supply list will be emailed to you a week before class starts. Most are inexpensive and easily purchased at a local craft store or Walmart. 


Projects include:

Circular Calendars (done)

Hand sewing (done)

flat felting (done)

waldorf star

finger weaving

cross stitch

god's eye

story stones

drawstring bag

story spoons


beeswax candles


Ms. Karen has been teaching at a Waldorf School (art education), and two Homeschool Co-ops (art education and young elementary). She formally owned an art education studio for 8 years in Louisiana and Florida. She is an award winning artist who loves to share her love with children and adults of all ages!

Grades 1-5 Dreamsers Waldorf Hand-Building

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