Bucket Beats and Melodies

$40 per household

Mondays and Wednesdays

July 1, July 2,  July 6, July 8  @ 1-1:45 pm


Join Ms. Becky! We will be learning Rhythmic Notation through activities, games and programs using our hands, computers and voices. Then we will use that knowledge to perform those rhythms on our own instruments: Bucket Drums (any bucket or sturdy large bowl). We will also play fun games that teach note reading or Melodic Notation and will use our voices to see how notes are put together to make music. Music is the only activity that uses the entire brain! Take some time this summer to keep that brain active while having fun! Supplies needed are a Bucket or Large Sturdy Bowl and a pair of Drum Sticks or Rhythm Sticks or you can use sturdy Kitchen Spoons.

Bucket Beats and Melodies

  • I'm sorry, but we do not offer refunds. If a class is missed, contact the teacher for a possible make up or recorded session. We must know ahead of time.

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