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Teaching your children is so important to us. Since our children are unable to socialize and learn in public, we are offering classes via zoom to help give them creative outlets! These classes are set up in a private forum and led by an instructor. Most classes do not require parental involvement , so use this time to catch up on things you are struggling with! We are all in this together!

Please know that these classes are purely for enjoyment. We are not an accredited institution. Classes are taught by homeschool co-op instructors, parents, professionals, etc. We welcome questions and suggestions!

Our Classes


Classes are offered at a variety of days and times! Check back often for new classes added!

  • history

  • Waldorf and Montessori Inspired

  • science

  • language arts

  • spelling

  • math

  • fine art

  • creative art

  • music

  • handwork (crafts)

  • and more!

We’d also like to welcome Ms Katie Parrulli for joining in on teaching with us!
If you are a teacher or know of one who would like to host classes through this site, contact Karen at Karen.art@yahoo.com
Waldorf/Montessori Inspired
Art ages 4-12
These classes are geared towards a younger age bracket. Learn elements and principles of art, how-to's, and more!
Teen Fine Art
Handwork Crafts
Language Arts
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